Tasty to the moon and back

(Be) Powered by rocket fuel.

So how are we expected to reach the stars if we don’t fuel up properly? Prepare to discover new dimensions of flavor with our three stellar salads.

Explorers are versatile: they run on any kind of fuel as long as it’s nutritious, gmo-free, soy-free and vegan. So we have prepared three distinctive tastes suitable for interstellar adventures.

If the first person in space was a Russian astronaut, it will only make sense that the first salad to fly out would be the russian salad, right? The diary-free  rice mayo gently embraces the crunchy pickle and the soft potato just like the Milky Way embraces our Solar system. And all the carrots and peas in between them.

Ay caramba! Even far away from the Earth the sweet corn is still sweet, the crisp broccoli is still delicious and nutritious and the small black chia is still loaded with protein. This salad will give you more than enough energy for the ride to the moon (and back again).

Bringing food to a new frontier.

You know what’s difficult to find on the go (especially when you are on a mission)? A good hearty soup. A meal in a bottle, a whole dish with a cap. Satisfying and delicious, vegan, gluten free and GMO free. And guess what- your liquid fuel that tastes slurping good no matter the temperature. Yes, you read that right- you can have it hot or cold. Yes, we know it- it was about time!

Our ready-to-eat soups have the taste and the nutrients. The primordial soup evolved to produce these three heavenly flavors:


The red lentils are so versatile and nutritious that they easily become an essential part of any kitchen. Especially a rocket one! These awesome Mars-colored legumes pack a load of protein, fiber, iron, manganese and a bunch of vitamins and minerals, enough to give you energy for the round-trip. The coconut just makes everything better and the ginger is for an extra kick. Go ahead, take it for a spin.


This is not your traditional soup. We’ve combined nourishing chickpeas with aromatic red peppers to create the new intergalactic liquid currency of taste. The carefully combined spices enhance the flavors of the protein-rich beans and the vitamin-loaded peppers. Space agents have it shaken and stirred.


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that green is good for you. This soup- doubly so! We took the leafiest kale and combined it with the tastiest spinach to produce this nutritious healthy bomb of vitamins and minerals. For the unexpected twist, we’ve added apples. Because an apple a day, keeps the Black Holes away.